Receptor Monomersdimersoligomers One Size Fits

While GPCR monomers were the conceptual norm until the mid 1990s, receptor dimers have become very fashionable [ 46]. If one ignores the possible existence of higher-order oligomers (see below), three possibilities are conceivable in principle (Fig. 4.2): (1) the classical model: one single receptor protein encounters one G protein (Fig. 4.2a); (2) two receptors form a functional dimer and engage one G protein (Fig. 4.2b)—this is invoked to understand signaling in homodimeric receptors and heterodimeric receptors, which couple to a single cognate G protein; (3) two receptors form a dimer and each of them couples to a distinct G protein (Fig. 4.2c)—this model must be considered in proposed heterodimers of receptors, which couple to distinct sets of G proteins, for example, a heterodimer comprising a Gs - and a Gi- coupled receptor.

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