Characterization Of Pharmaceutical Aerosols Emitted Dose

The therapeutic effect of aerosols is dependent on their delivery to the lungs. Clearly, the first measure of the potential to deliver drug to the lungs is the dose delivered from the device. A number of methods have been suggested for this purpose. Two unit-dose samplers are popular and are shown in Figure 9. A sampler, consisting of a tube and an absolute filter, through which air is drawn, enables the collection of bolus aerosols delivered by metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) and DPIs, as shown in Figure 9A. These airborne particulates are sampled at a fixed flow rate of 60 L/min. Nebulizer output is more difficult to collect as it is delivered over an extended period of time and often saturates filters, compromising their collection efficiency. These devices may more easily be evaluated by passing them through an immersed sintered glass or steel frit, as shown in Figure 9B.

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