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Contributors xvii

1. Time-Controlled Drug Delivery Systems 1

Juergen Siepmann and Florence Siepmann

2. Bioequivalence 23

Panos Macheras, Christos Reppas, and Mira Symillides

3. Cutaneous and Transdermal Delivery—Processes and Systems of Delivery 43

Guang Wei Lu and Gordon L. Flynn

4. Design and Evaluation of Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical Products 101

Paul J. Missel, John C. Lang, Denise P. Rodeheaver, Rajni Jani, Masood A. Chowhan, James Chastain, and Terry Dagnon

5. Delivery of Drugs by the Pulmonary Route 191

Anthony J. Hickey and Heidi M. Mansour

6. Pediatric and Geriatric Pharmaceutics and Formulation 221

Jorg Breitkreutz and Catherine Tuleu

7. Biotechnology-Based Pharmaceuticals 259

Lene Jorgensen, Hanne Moerck Nielsen, and Sven Frokjaer

8. Veterinary Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms 293

Michael J. Rathbone and Todd P. Foster

9. Target-Oriented Drug Delivery Systems 329

Vijay Kumar

10. New Imaging Methods for Dosage Form Characterization 399

Colin D. Melia, Barry Crean, Samuel R. Pygall, and Hywel D. Williams

11. Aspects of Pharmaceutical Physics 421

Goran Frenning and Goran Alderborn

12. Pharmaceutical Aspects of Nanotechnology 453

Alexander T. Florence

13. Dosage Forms for Personalized Medicine: From the Simple to the Complex 493

Alexander T. Florence and Juergen Siepmann

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