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Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Michael J. Rathbone 1997

Veterinary Drug Availability, Basis for Selection 3 of the Dosage Form, Formulation of Veterinary Dosage Forms, Protein/Peptide Veterinary Formulations, Formulation of Vaccines, Administration Devices and Techniques, Specification Development and Stability Assessment, Bioavailability Bioequivalence Assessments, Development and Formulation of Dosage Forms, Design of Preclinical Studies

Mechanisms of Drug Release, Intravaginal 13

Veterinary Drug Delivery Systems, Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems for Estrous Control of Domesticated Livestock, In Vitro Drug Release Testing, Stability Testing, Biopharmaceutical and Pharmacokinetic Principles, Intraluminal Controlled Release Products, Postruminal Drug Delivery Systems and Rumen-Stable Products, Ocular Veterinary Drug Delivery Systems, Controlled Release Products for the Control of Ectoparasites of Livestock, Controlled Drug Delivery and the Companion Animal, Controlled Release Vaccines, USA Regulatory Aspects Pertaining to Controlled Release Veterinary Drug Delivery Systems

Intraluminal Devices, Rumen-Stable Delivery 14

Systems, Ocular Drug Delivery Systems, Intravaginal Veterinary Drug Delivery Systems

Veterinary drug delivery, part II


Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Michael J. Rathbone and S. Cady

Veterinary drug delivery, part HI


Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Michael J. Rathbone and L. Witchey-Lakshmanan

Veterinary drug delivery, part IV


Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Michael J. Rathbone and L. Witchey-Lakshmanan

Veterinary drug delivery, part V


Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Michael J. Rathbone

Veterinary drug delivery Journal

Journal of Michael J. Rathbone

Controlled and Terry L.

Release Bowersock

1999 Long-Acting Control of Ectoparasites (Collar 15

Technologies for Companion Animals), Growth Promoting Implants in Farmed Livestock, Pulsatile Release from Subcutaneous Implants, Somatotropin Delivery to Farmed Animals, Vaccine Delivery to Animals

2000 DNA Vaccines in Veterinary Medicine, DNA 16

Vaccines for the Treatment of Diseases of Farmed Animals, Application of DNA Vaccine Technology to Aquaculture, Transcutaneous Immunization of Domestic Animals, Applications of Genetic Engineering in Veterinary Medicine, Bone Morphogenetic Proteins

2001 Transdermal Patches for Veterinary Applications, 17

Potential for Skin Penetration Enhancement, Aquaculture, Bovine Mastitis and Intramammary Drug Delivery, Veterinary Dental Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery System Design for the Control of the Estrous Cycle in Cattle

2002 Zoological Pharmacology, Drug Administration to 18

Poultry, Applying the Biopharmaceutics Classification System to Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products (in 2 Parts), Vaccine Development, Immunological Aspects of Controlled Antigen Delivery, Pharmaceutical Challenges in Veterinary Product Development 2002 In Situ Forming Injectables, Bacterial Ghosts, 19

Dermal Peptide Antigens, Various Research Papers distribution throughout the animal needs to be clearly delineated since drug and metabolite levels are used to set withdrawal periods for animals. Withdrawal period is the time for which edible items such as milk, eggs, and meat are not allowed to be marketed after an animal receives a treatment. Because this is so important, early in development of veterinary pharmaceutical there are scientists trying to understand the ADME parameters that then aid the formulation scientist in designing the formulations.

Environmental Assessment

Because animals eliminate administered drugs and their metabolites directly into the environment via feces and urine, the decomposition of these products in water, via sunlight, and in various types of soil must be evaluated. In some cases even their effect on certain insects must be studied. Because of this regulatory requirement, an increased focus on the understanding of drug degradation pathways is conducted, which may not be undertaken for drugs used to treat humans.

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