Types of Lens Care Products

Contact lens care products can be divided into three categories: cleaners, disinfectants, and lubricants. Improperly cleaned lenses can cause discomfort, irritation, decrease in visual acuity, and giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). This latter condition often requires discontinuation of lens wear, at least until the symptoms clear. Deposits can also accumulate preservatives from lens care products and produce toxicity and can act as a matrix for microorganism attachment to the lens (386). Thus, cleaning with the removal of surface debris, tear components, and contaminating microorganisms is one of the most important steps contributing to the safety and efficacy of successful lens wear (387).

Daily cleaners and weekly cleaners are employed to clean deposits that accumulate on lenses during normal wear. A list of cleaning agents commonly used in daily cleaners is provided in Table 9. Single-cleaning agents or combinations of cleaning agents may be used in a cleaner. Surfactant(s), surface-active polymer(s), solvent(s), and complexing agent(s) chosen for cleaner formulations must be capable of solubilizing lens deposits and

Table 9 Cleaning Agents Commonly Used in Daily Cleaners


Trade name

Chemical name

Abrasive particles

Nylon 11

11-Aminoundecanoic acid

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