CD30 as a Target for Lymphoma Treatment

Another Ab targeting hematological tumor burden is the anti-CD30 mAb 5F11, a promising agent for Ab-based immunotherapy of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. This fully humanized mAb showed specific binding to CD30 (cluster A) (105). Borchmann et al. have related in vitro ADCC and growth inhibition by 5F11 to the corresponding in vivo tumor growth inhibition (105). The in vitro ADCC assays indicated dose-dependent lysis of L540 cells only when the Ab was combined with human effector cells, and upon cross-linking, growth inhibition of CD30-expressing cell lines was observed (105). The overall trend of cell growth inhibition correlated well with in vivo studies in which treatment with 5F11 induced a marked growth delay or even a complete regression of established tumor xenografts in mice (105). The success of the in vitro lysis assay was governed by the addition of human effector cells, suggesting that this mechanism of action might also be active in vivo.

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