CD40 as a Target in the Treatment of BCell Malignancies

Cell surface expression of CD40 in B-cell malignancies and multiple solid tumors has raised interest in its potential use as a target for Ab-based cancer therapy. SGN-40, a humanized anti-CD40 mAb, mediates ADCC and inhibits B-cell tumor growth in vitro, and is currently in phase I/II clinical trials for B-cell malignancies. Kelley et al. correlated inhibition of B-cell tumor growth in vitro to in vivo activity and PK properties of SGN-40 in both rodents and cynomolgus monkeys (106). The Ab's ability to mediate ADCC, to induce apoptosis, and to inhibit cell growth in a wide variety of B cell-driven cancer cell lines in vitro suggests that SGN-40's in vivo antitumor mechanism may occur via ADCC and/ or direct cytotoxicity to tumor cells.

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