The potential for Pgx to be widely applied in patient care will take years to be fully realized. Developers of conventional and protein therapeutics have foreseen value in identifying genomic sources of variability that may lead to different patient outcomes. Integrating Pgx approaches to aid decision-making in drug development and clinical practice will require foresight, patience, and dedication of resources.

This chapter has introduced several aspects of protein therapeutics exposure (PK) and response (PD) that are subject to genetic variability and may benefit from further Pgx investigation. As the field matures, it is expected that Pgx analysis will accompany the development programs of more protein therapeutics, as it has for conventional drugs. The grand promise of Pgx is that these efforts will prove quite valuable in the long run by improving safety and efficacy of new therapeutics, providing market opportunity for drugs to treat selected patient subsets, and revealing new mechanisms by which disease pathways can be targeted.

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