Animals were dosed once weekly for four total doses after tumors were established and bioluminescence values were stabilized: dosing on days 0, 7, 14, and 21. Both ADCs were dosed at 56 mg/m2 MMAE equivalent (2.8 mg/kg 3A5 ADC, 2.6 mg/kg 11D10 ADC). Although the 11D10 ADC had an effect, it was transient, while the 3A5 activity was sustained. At day 250, 70% of the 3A5 ADC-treated mice were alive, while all of the 11D10 ADC-treated mice were euthanized before day 200. Note that the vehicle data is only plotted through day 63 because there were too few surviving animals beyond that time. Data are plotted on a log 10 scale; the error bars are the standard error of the mean (i.e., SEM). Tumor burden is plotted as relative bioluminescence. LOD, limit of detection [1000 relative luciferase units (RLU)]. Abbreviations: ADC, antibody-drug conjugate; MUC16, mucin 16; MMAF, monomethyl auristatin F; MMAE, monomethyl auristatin E. Source: From Refs. 132 and 140.

42 Boswell et al.

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