Pegylated Interferona2b and Methadone

To determine the effect of peg-IFN-a2b on opiate withdrawal symptoms, Berk et al. (25) evaluated their patients with HIV and chronic Hepatitis C virus infection using subjective opiate withdrawal scale (SOWS) and objective opiate withdrawal scale (OOWS) assessment methods at baseline and 7, 14, and 21 days after the administration of the first dose. Weekly clinical evaluation for signs and symptoms of methadone withdrawal of peg-IFN-a2b was conducted. The results of this study indicated that SOWS and OOWS scores of methadone were not statistically different with and without peg-IFN-a2b. Therefore, the authors recommended that methadone dosage adjustment, when given with peg-IFN-a2b, is not necessary in patients with HIV and chronic Hepatitis C virus infection.

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