Fig. 7.3 Effect of H2O2 on root growth of wild-type Col-0 and etr1-1 mutant seedlings. Seedlings were grown on MS agar plates in the presence or absence of increasing doses of H2O2, and root lengths measured after 7 days. The y-axis shows the percent inhibition of root growth compared to the controls for each plant. The x-axis shows increasing concentrations of H2O2 (in micromolar).

12. After 1 wk, observe root length by measuring the length of the roots from the base of the hypocotyl to the tip of the root. With the use of this method, the root lengths of wild-type Col-0 and mutant etr1-1 Arabidopsis seedlings in the presence of H2O2 were measured and recorded, and examples of the results obtained are shown in Fig. 7.3.

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