Therapeutics Based On Biotechnology

This part of the book is concerned with biopharmaceuticals that have received the approval of the FDA and are currently available in the United States by prescription (except for insulin, which is available without prescription). All but one agent, a DNA-based therapy, are proteins. The chapters are organized by molecular function rather than therapeutic indication. We believe this novel approach is useful when dealing with the products of biotechnology because these drugs relate to one another in terms of how they act at the molecular level rather than their indication. Consequently a host of structurally unrelated drugs are indicated for cancer, while monoclonal antibodies are approved for treating a wide range of medical conditions.

Drug categories discussed in this part of the book include hematopoietic growth and coagulation factors (Chapter 6), interferons and cytokines (Chapter 7), hormones (Chapter 8), enzymes (Chapter 9), antibodies and derivatives (Chapter 10), vaccines (Chapter 11), and other products (Chapter 12). Each chapter consists first of an overview of the history, molecular characteristics, and application of the respective categories of biopharmaceuticals, followed by a succinct summary or monograph of each drug in the category.

Several sources of information were vital in the preparation of individual monographs of biologics that are approved and marketed in the United States. They include online databases provided by the Food and Drug Administration, drug manufacturers literature, and drug information available online from Thomson Micromedex.

The overview material for each chapter, written by individuals with extensive knowledge and practical experience, provides invaluable insight. The properties, characteristics, and clinical application of each biopharmaceutical are discussed in

Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals, by Rodney J. Y. Ho and Milo Gibaldi ISBN 0-471-20690-3 Copyright © 2003 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

the monographs. Each monograph informs the readers on the general description, therapeutic indication(s), administration, pharmacology and pharmaceutics, thera peutic response, and role in therapy of a biopharmaceutical. We are not aware of any such compilation currently available to biomedical researchers and clinicians.

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