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Microarray or Other Omics Type Data

Bayesian statistics, on the other hand, represent a fundamentally different way of thinking about probability, with statistical inferences being made using accumulated evidence of all kinds, both for and against a hypothesis, or several alternative hypotheses. These hypotheses do not even have to be testable, let alone be tested, and certainly not by any particular format. (The name of the first publication of Bayes himself shows an example of such a hypothesis Divine Benevolance, or an Attempt to Prove that the Principal End of Divine Providence and Government Is the Happiness of His Creatures 62 .) Importantly, there is no baseline assumption of randomness Instead, a prior probability is included in the paradigm. Although assigning it a value based

Disorders Of Overt Emotional Behaviour

Pathological laughing and crying24-26 is the quite descriptive term for sudden, involuntary outbursts of laughter or crying in the absence of corresponding subjective feelings of happiness or sadness. They must occur as a result of brain disease or injury, and cannot have resulted from mood-altering prescription or illicit drug use, nor may they be the result of mental illness. They may be accompanied by exaggerated and involuntary facial expressions as well (though not by the weakness of facial muscles seen during reflexive or automatic movement in pseudobulbar palsy).

Role of Pharmacotherapy

Erotomanic Type having a delusion of a secret lover the lover is often a famous person, a celebrity. The person with this type of delusional disorder may or may not contact the person, who is object of the delusion. The characteristics of this disorder have been excellently described by de Clerambault (1921) Fundamental postulate It is the Object who began it and who loves the most or is the only one to love. (N.B. Object usually of high birth, classic notion. Some of the derived themes are The Object cannot achieve happiness without the suitor . The Object is free. His marriage is invalid.''

Treatment Strategies

Ecological manipulations typically centre on family members and care-takers, and are aimed at circumventing the patient's specific disability. For example, patients with an agnosia for auditory affective cues should be spoken to in clear, declarative language in order to communicate affect. Family members of patients with motor aprosody must learn to attend very carefully to the propositional components of speech, rather than assuming that 'the absence of emotional expression implies the absence of emotional experience'. In addition, simple education of family members can reduce their apprehension regarding the patient's behaviour. For example, it is very helpful to know that pathological laughing and crying are not, in fact, accompanied by subjective feelings of happiness or sadness and they need not be responded to as if the patient is excessively euphoric or depressed. In fact, such episodes are often best ignored, unless the patient is embarrassed and needs reassurance. Patients...

Case Scenario

Anita is a 28-year-old model with a very successful career. She has been living with her boyfriend, Leonardo, for the past 5 years. Through Leonardo, Anita has found the ultimate happiness in life and she is keen to keep this relationship forever. She decides to undergo laparoscopic-assisted tubal ligation. After careful evaluation and counseling, the surgeon decides to comply with Anita's wish and perform the procedure. You are the attending anesthesiologist involved with the case. The operation goes on without any glitch and completed in half an hour. You administer ketorolac and fentanyl as analgesics. At the end of the operation, the surgeon infiltrates abdominal incisions with bupivacaine at your request. You transfer Anita to the recovery room and hand her over to the recovery staff. Half an hour later you are called back to recovery Anita is fully awake and in agony. When you see her in the PACU, she is thrashing about in her bed and screaming. She says that her pain is coming...

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