Dermal Exposure

Limited data in humans suggest that very little absorption of boron occurs through intact skin. There was no increase in the urinary excretion of boron in one human subject following the application of 15 g boric acid (37.5 mg boron/kg bw) on the forearm for 4 hours (Draize and Kelley 1959).

Animal studies support human findings. Draize and Kelley (1959) applied 200 mg/kg as boric acid to intact, abraded or burnt, and partially denuded skin of rabbits. Net urinary excretion of boric acid per 24 hours during 4 consecutive days of compound treatment was 1.4, 7.6 and 21.4 mg/kg, respectively (0.25, 1.3, and 3.7 mg boron/kg, respectively).

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