Developmental Effects

No studies were located regarding developmental effects in humans after oral exposure to boron.

In animals, fetotoxicity was observed in rats and mice. The average fetal body weight per litter in rats was reduced in pups of dams administered 13.6 mg boron/kg/day or greater (78 mg/kg/day boric acid) on gestation days O to 20 (Heindel et al. 1991). Similarly, pups of mice administered 79 mg boron/kg/day (452 mg/kg/day boric acid) showed reduced body weight. Boron was also teratogenic in rats and mice. There was agenesis or shortening of rib XIII and the lateral ventricles of the brain were enlarged in rats at dose levels of 28.4 mg boron/kg/day (163 mg/kg/day boric acid) or greater (Heindel et al. 1991). Skeletal effects were reported at the highest dose tested (175.3 mg boron/kg/day or 1,003 mg/kg/day boric acid) in mice. No effects were observed in the 43.4 mg boron/kg/day (248 mg/kg/day boric acid) dose group (Heindel et al. 1991). Based on a value of 13.6 mg boron/kg/day, an intermediate oral MRL of 0.01 mg/kg/day was calculated as described in the footnote on Table 2-2.

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