How Can Boron Enter And Leave My Body

Boron can enter your body when you eat food (fruit and vegetables) breathe borate dust in the air, and when damaged skin comes in contact with it. Because very small amounts of boron are present in all drinking water, boron can enter your body when you drink water. When boron enters the body by mouth or when you breathe borate dust, it goes to the intestines where it is passed to various parts of the body including the liver, brain, and kidney. No information is available on what factors affect how fast boron enters the body. However, animal studies suggest boron readily enters the body after contact with damaged skin. Most of the boron leaves the body in urine primarily from food eaten. Over half of the boron taken by mouth can be found in urine within 24 hours and the other half can be detected for up to 4 days. Boron compounds can be found in urine up to 23 days if you are accidentally exposed to very large amounts.

Further information on how boron enters and leaves the body is given in Chapter 2.

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