Oral Exposure

Over 93% of the administered dose was excreted in the urine of six male human volunteers 96 hours after administration of a single oral dose of 1.9 mg boron/kg (as boric acid) (Jansen et al. 1984a). An analysis of nine cases involving boric acid poisoning revealed a mean half-life of 13.4 hours (4-27.8). There was no correlation between half-life and calculated serum boric acid level at to (r=0.08, p=0.84) (Litovitz et al. 1988). Boric acid was detected in urine of patients 23 days after a single ingestion (Wong et al. 1964).

In rabbits, 50%-66% of the administered dose was recovered in urine after ingestion of 17.1-119.9 mg boron/kg/day as boric acid (Draize and Kelley 1959).

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