The Hallmarks of Cancer Revisited

One decade ago, Hanahan and Weinberg determined the six most important factors for cancer development and tumor progression (Hanahan and Weinberg 2000). Blocking of apoptosis and differentiation as well as the stimulation of angiogenesis, proliferation, and metastasis are commonly described as hallmarks of cancer and known to be regulated by epigenetic mechanisms including histone acetylation (Fig. 1). During tumorigenesis, the global pattern of histone acetylation is changed. For instance, cancer cells undergo a loss of acetylation at H4K16, suggesting a crucial role of HDAC activity in establishing the tumor phenotype (Fraga et al. 2005). In this chapter, we try to build a bridge between the previously established features of the multistep process of tumorigenesis and the wide-ranging contribution of HDAC family members to these mechanisms.

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