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Pharmacy Applications

Application Chapter

Homeostatic functions of drugs 1

Lipid solubility and drug elimination 2

Hydrophilic drugs bind to receptors 2

Intravenous solutions 2

Local anesthetics 4

Centrally acting drugs 6

Antihistamines and the blood-brain barrier 6

Spinal anesthesia 7

Epidural anesthesia 7

Alpha-one adrenergic receptor antagonists 9

Sympathomimetic drugs 9

Cholinomimetic drugs 9

Muscarinic receptor antagonists 9

Therapeutic effects of calcitonin 10

Therapeutic effects of corticosteroids 10

Antiarrhythmic drugs 13

Diuretics and cardiac output 14

Cardiac glycosides and cardiac output 14

Antihypertensive drugs 15

Nitroglycerin and angina 15

Antiplatelet drugs 16

Anticoagulant drugs 16

Infant respiratory distress syndrome 17

Pharmacological treatment of asthma 17

Drug-induced hypoventilation 17

Anticholinergic side effects in the digestive 18 system

Drug-induced gastric disease 18

Pharmacological treatment of gastric ulcers 18

Physiological action of diuretics 19

Drug-related nephropathies 19

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