Interconnections between neurons

The interconnections or communication among neurons in humans is very extensive. Imagine the complexity of the electrical activity that may occur among 100 billion neurons in the human brain where each of these neurons provides input to and receives input from hundreds of other neurons. It is the diversity of these interconnections that accounts for the uniqueness of many abstract neurological phenomena in individuals such as intellect, personality, and memory. The two types of interconnections are:

• Convergence

• Divergence

Convergence occurs when the axon terminals of many presynaptic neurons all synapse with a single postsynaptic neuron. As discussed previously, spatial summation of nerve impulses relies on the presence of convergence. Divergence occurs when the axon of a single presynaptic neuron branches and synapses with multiple postsynaptic neurons. In this way, activity in a single nerve fiber can affect several regions of the nervous system, each with a different function, at the same time.

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