Negative feedback control of hormone release

In many cases, hormones released from the adenohypophysis are part of a three-hormone axis that includes the:

• Hypothalamic hormone

• Adenohypophyseal hormone

• Endocrine gland hormone

The hypothalamic hormone stimulates or inhibits the secretion of the adenohypophyseal hormone. The trophic hormone from the adenohypophysis then stimulates the release of a hormone from another endocrine gland. This final endocrine gland hormone not only carries out its effects on its target tissues, it may also exert a negative feedback effect on the release of the hypothalamic and/or adenohypophyseal hormones. In this way, this final hormone regulates its own release (see Figure 10.3). This process is referred to as long-loop negative feedback. The adenohypophyseal hormone may also exert a negative feedback effect on the hypothalamic hormone and limit its own release. This process is referred to as short-loop negative feedback.

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