c' = concentration of the absorbing solute, in grams per litre.

Apparatus. Use a spectrophotometer complying with the requirements prescribed above and equipped with an analogue resistance-capacitance differentiation module or a digital differentiator or other means of producing derivative spectra. Some methods of producing second-derivative spectra produce a wavelength shift relative to the zero-order spectrum and this is to be taken into account where applicable.

Resolution power. When prescribed in a monograph, record the second-derivative spectrum of a 0.2 g/l solution of toluene R in methanol R, using methanol R as the compensation liquid. The spectrum shows a small negative extremum located between 2 large negative extrema at 261 nm and 268 nm, respectively, as shown in Figure 2.2.25.-1. Unless otherwise prescribed in the monograph, the ratio A/B (see Figure 2.2.25.-1) is not less than 0.2.

Figure 2.2.25.-1

Procedure. Prepare the solution of the substance to be examined, adjust the various instrument settings according to the manufacturer's instructions and calculate the amount of the substance to be determined as prescribed in the monograph.

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