Specified Variations To The General Method

Variations to the general method required for the analysis of specific substances may be specified in detail in monographs. These include:

- the addition of urea in the gel (3 M concentration is often satisfactory to keep protein in solution but up to 8 M can be used): some proteins precipitate at their isoelectric point; in this case, urea is included in the gel formulation to keep the protein in solution; if urea is used, only fresh solutions should be used to prevent carbamylation of the protein;

- the use of alternative staining methods;

- the use of gel additives such as non-ionic detergents (e.g. octylglucoside) or zwitterionic detergents (e.g., CHAPS or CHAPSO), and the addition of ampholyte to the sample, to prevent proteins from aggregating or precipitating.

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