Centrifugal Partition Chromatography for Lipophilicity Measurements

Ruey-Shiuan Tsai, Giuseppe Lisa, Pierre-Alain Carrupt and Bernard Testa


CHF Chloroform

CPC Centrifugal partition chromatography

DBE Di-n-butyl ether

DCCC Droplet counter-current chromatography

HDES Hydrodynamic equilibrium systems

HSES Hydrostatic equilibrium systems

RP-HPLC Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

SF Shake-flask


D1 Distribution coefficient measured at isoelectric point k' Capacity factor

Paik Partition coefficient in alkane/water systems

PM Partition coefficient in n-octanol/water systems tR Retention time of the solute t0 Retention time of nonretained solutes

U Flow rate of the mobile phase

VM Mobile phase volume

VR Retention volume of the solute

AlogPoct -alk log Poa minus log P3ik

0 0

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