Classification of van der Waals Clusters

Van der Waals clusters are those in which the individual subsystems are held together by forces other than chemical covalent forces. This category of systems includes various types of clusters named after the dominant attractive contributions: ionic, electrostatic, London, charge-transfer and hydrogen-bonding. Examples of these systems are given in Table 3.

Table 3. Examples of various types of van der Waals clusters. Type Examples


Electrostatic London Charge-transfer Hydrogen-bonded

Li+ ••• N2, F" ••• H20, 02 ••• 02, phosphate anion of DNA---Mg2+ (LiF)2, interaction between amino acids

(Ar)2, (benzene)2, interaction between aliphatic hydrocarbons benzene---TCNE,* protonated amine- -phenyl group of Phenylalanin H20---H0H, guanine---cytosine


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