Intramolecular Interactions Encoded in Lipophilicity Their Nature and Significance

Bernard Testa, Pierre-Alain Carrupt, Patrick Gaillard and Ruey-Shiuan Tsai


CsA Cyclosporin A

DBE Dibutyl ether

HPLC High performance liquid chromatography

MLP Molecular Lipophilicity Potential RP-HPLC Reversed-phase HPLC

2D Two-dimensional

3D Three-dimensional

Symbols kw Capacity factor in RH-HPLC (kcalc, kexp are its calculated and experimental values, respectively)

P Partition coefficient

V Molecular volume a H-bond donor acidity

P H-bond acceptor basicity

A Polarity parameter jr* Dipolarity/polarizability

0 0

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