Lipophilicity Measurement by Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography RPHPLC

Han van de Waterbeemd, Manfred Kansy, Björn Wagner and Holger Fischer


HIC Hydrophobic interaction chromatography

IAM Immobilized artificial membrane chromatography

LSER Linear solvation energy relationships

MLC Micellar liquid chromatography

ODP Octadecylpolyvinyl copolymer

ODS Octadecylsilane

OS Octylsilane

QSAR Quantitative structure-activity relationships

QSRR Quantitative structure-retention relationships

RP-HPLC Reversed-phase high-performace liquid chromatography

JRP-IPC Reversed-phase ion-pair chromatography

RPLC Reversed-phase liquid chromatography

SPC Structure-property correlations

Symbols a Hydrogen bond donor acidity

¡3 Hydrogen bond acceptor basicity

CLOGP Calculated 1-octanol/water partition coefficient

© Function of the dielectric constant of the mobile phase

<5 Hildebrand parameter

£t(30) Empirical measure of solvent polarity y Surface tension of the mobile phase q> Mobile phase composition

HB Hydrogen bond descriptor log k (log k') Logarithm of the isocratic capacity factor log kw Logarithm of the polycratic (extrapolated) capacity factor log Prnw Logarithm of micelle/water partition coefficients log Poet Logarithm of 1-octanol/water partition coefficient ji* Solvatochromic polarity descriptor

S Slope of the extrapolation of isocratic capacity factors t0 Retention time of an unretained compound tr Retention time of the solute

V2/100 Scaled volume of a solute

Z Retention parameter calculated from the slope of log k vs log molar concentration of organic modifier

0 0

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