Objectives of the Book

In summary, lipophilicity is an essential property of molecules whose roles in biological systems are numerous and essential. Above all, it is intimately connected with regulatory pathways in living systems, and allows them to exist away from equilibrium. In so far as medicinal chemists and pharmacologists aim at sending messages (i.e., drugs) to ailing cells, they cannot avoid viewing lipophilicity as one of the most significant properties controlling both the delivery and the reception of the message.

The aim of this monograph is therefore rather straightforward, namely, to present the state-of-the-art of the area, to bring about a current insight necessary for interpretation of lipophilicity data, and to demonstrate how research in cell biology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology, and related fields can benefit from them. Our main interest, however, is to put emphasis on lipophilicity as an important property controlling a great many processes in living organisms.

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