Specific Illustrations

In the following section we would like to demonstrate the ability of theoretical treatment to generate an almost complete set of various physical properties of a molecular cluster. The first system studied in this way in our laboratory was the benzene- -Arn cluster. Seemingly such a system is abstract and not relevant to biological reality. The opposite is true, however. The forces responsible for the very existence of the benzene---Arn clusters as well as for their structure and dynamic properties, are the same as those in case of biomacromolecules (proteins, DNA) or clusters thereof. In all these instances (benzene---Arn, DNA, etc.) entropy contribution plays a very significant role. The other reason for selecting the benzene---Arn cluster was the fact that for it exist accurate experimental characteristics (structure, geometry, stabilization energy, vibrational frequencies, population of higher clusters); such characteristics, allowing us to test the quality of theoretical procedure, do not exist for larger clusters. In the present time we investigate in our laboratory clusters of benzene molecules and extensive clusters of DNA bases.

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