Diode Array


UV/Visible lamp providing "White Light"


UV/Visible lamp providing "White Light"


Grating disperses light into component colors y


Spectrograph Lens

Sample Cuvette w

Rotating Shutter Aperture (sets the "on-off" duty cycle Source for each 30 msec measurement) Lens mirror

FIGURE 4.13 UV/visible spectrophotometer. Left, Basic optical path and design features of a research-grade spectrophotometer. Note that rays of the main light beam must pass through a series of slits positioned near the light source and at several addition locations in the light-tight monochromator. Numerically controlled rotation of the prism (or diffraction grating) determines the wavelength of dispersed light that is allowed to pass onward to the sample compartment. Another motor rotates a wedge-shaped mirror configured to allow the in-coming light to enter the reference compartment half the time, while reflecting the other incident light half the time onto a fixed mirror directing that light into the sample compartment. Right, Basic optical path and design features of a diode detector-based, multi-wavelength scanning spectrophotometer. This arrangement (used in the Hewlett-Packard 8452 Diode Array Spectrophotometer) allows a single, columnated (parallel) beam of "white light'' (i.e., all wavelength light) to simultaneously pass through the sample cuvette, and after dispersion into component wavelengths, the absorption spectrum is immediately available by read-outs from the diode array detector. The entirely solid-state design also exhibits low radio frequency interference (RFI) and considerable immunity from high electrostatic charge environments.

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