Early Termination

The process for early termination of the diet is individualized and may be done gradually over a week or longer. The following are suggestions for tapering the diet.

• Reduce the ratio every 3 d: i.e., if on a 4:1 diet, use a 3:1 diet for 3 d, then a 2:1 diet for 3 d, then add a small portion of carbohydrate-rich food into each meal for 3 d, increasing daily until child is out of ketosis.

• Reduce the ratio by doubling the carbohydrate portion of the meal, i.e., fruit or vegetable. Then after 2-3 d, introduce a small carbohydrate-rich food with each meal such as rice, potatoes, peas, pasta, pudding, or milk, while at the same time reducing the cream by half.

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