The Relationship Of The Kd And Caloric Restriction In Seizure Management

The KD is most effective in reducing seizure susceptibility in children when administered with fasting or under restricted caloric intake (17,77). Livingston also reported that KD efficacy was associated with body weight reductions of approx 10% and reduced blood glucose levels (78). Our findings in EL mice on the CR diet are consistent with these findings in humans. It is interesting that the anticonvulsant effects of the KD are usually lost in patients who experience a rise in blood glucose levels, i.e., in those who gain weight on the diet or consume carbohydrates (16,17,21). Based on our studies with EL mice, we suggest that the seizure-protective effects of the KD are largely dependent on the maintenance of reduced blood glucose and body weight. We suggest that the KD suppresses seizure susceptibility largely through CR.

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