Prediction Of Comminution Behaviour

It is evident from the previous discussion that the critical particle size, dcri,, is an important factor in predicting comminution behaviour as, for a material known to undergo brittle fracture, it should be the limiting size obtained on hammer milling. Unfortunately, data on limiting sizes from

Fig. 21 The effect of moisture content on the yield stress of microcrystalline cellulose for: Avicel; Unimac; Emcocel (adapted from Roberts and Rowe, 1987d).

hammer milling are few. However, Snow etal. (1988) have reported values for sugar (sucrose) and calcium carbonate of 19/xm and 5 ¡im, respectively. These values are close to the d„it values calculated from equation 4 of 12 urn and ljim (Kendall, 1978), respectively.

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