Angiogenesis And Cox2

Masferrer97 studied COX-2 and its putative role in effecting angiogenesis, which is a feature of both benign and malignant disease. In this review, Masferrer noted that selective COX-2 inhibitors may be able to modify the progression of polyps through the control of angiogenesis in patients with FAP.

Giles98 has shown that the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has been implicated as the major pro-angiogenic factor that regulates multiple endothelial cell functions inclusive of mitogenesis. A direct relationship between VEGF and leukemic blasts as well as in malignant plasma cells has been identified. However, it is suggested that VEGF may have a function distinct from its role in angiogenesis. Furthermore, "current protocols with anti-VEGF agents in patients with hematologic malignancies involve the use of monoclonal antibody, blockers of the VEGF-receptor tyrosine kinase pathway, thalidomide (Thalomid) and its analogs, and cyclooxygenase inhibitors."

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