Mouse Mammary Gland Organ Culture MMOC Assay

This assay is a good predictor of inhibitors of mammary carcinogenesis. Mammary glands of immature mice respond to hormones and 7,12-dimethylbenz(/a/)anthracene (DMBA) in whole gland culture through development of mammary alveolar lesions (MAL).25 Inhibition of MAL by extracts or chemopreventive agents is used as a parameter for assessing the efficacy of test agents or extracts.26 Only active plant extracts are subjected to this secondary screening protocol. To date, approximately 18,000 biochemical assays have been completed on plant extracts and isolates, with approximately 1300 yielding activity in at least one of the assays. In MMOC, 225 assays were performed, and 26% (59 samples) showed inhibition of MAL development (Table 19.1). Extracts significantly inhibiting development of MAL are further fractionated to obtain pure active isolates. This eliminates a large number of lead plant extracts.

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Aloe and Your Health

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