Selection Of Bioassays

Based on molecular targets and known signaling pathways for active chemopreventive agents, we selected a number of assays predicted to identify efficacious plant extracts. The assays are subsequently used to direct the isolation of new chemopreventive agents. Selection of bioassays is subjective and varies among laboratories. We have adopted a strategy that encompasses a variety of pathways and is capable of detecting the major classes of chemopreventive agents.2324 Additional assays introduced as new mechanistic pathways are identified and reported in the literature. At the present time, we evaluate the efficacy of plant extracts to induce quinone reductase with Hepa 1c 1c? cells, inhibit phorbol ester-induced ornithine decarboxylase activity with mouse 308 cells, displace estrogen binding with estrogen receptors a and P, inhibit cyclooxygenases 1 and 2, induce terminal differentiation with HL-60 cells, inhibit transformation with JB6 cells, and inhibit aromatase activity. As shown in Table 19.1, there are differential responses with each of these assays. Each procedure yields unique information. Single bioassays or molecular targets cannot enable the selection or detection of all efficacious chemopreventive agents.

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