Series Preface

When I was asked to serve as the series editor of Modern Nutrition Science, I jumped at the opportunity. I have worked in the field of nutrition for 30 years both as a researcher and as a dietitian. This role gave me the opportunity to select expert colleagues, many of whom are key thought leaders in the field, to be volume editors for the individual books in the series. I am happy to report that in each case, my first choice for book editor accepted the job.

The books in this series are geared for two audiences: nutritional scientists and health care professionals, such as dietitians, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Each book contains chapters that are scholarly, extensive, scientific reviews covering their topics in a comprehensive way. My hope is that the volumes in this series will stimulate new topics of research for nutritional scientists. I also hope that busy health care practitioners will use these books as reliable resources when providing clinical care.

Many patients today are using alternative therapies to manage their diseases, and it is difficult for health care practitioners to keep up with this evolving field. Moreover, especially in the area of dietary supplements, the science behind the perceived benefits is lacking. This book is presented as an effort to provide a scientific perspective on the use of phytopharmaceuticals in battling cancer.

The books in this series are written with a definitive structure to the chapters so that specific information is easily found, without having to read the entire chapter. For example, if a patient with breast cancer asks about the use of selenium, one can easily find cancer and efficacious doses without reading the entire chapter.

I am pleased that Drs.Bagchi and Preuss agreed to edit this book, Phytopharmaceuticals in Cancer Chemoprevention. I have known them both for many years and have been impressed by their excellent research in this field. They have assembled a team of well-known and well-published researchers and clinicians in the field of cancer and nutrition to create a unique book. I hope that researchers who read this book will discover a myriad of topics to be studied. For the clinicians, I am sure that the book can be used as a guide to answering questions posed by anxious patients.

This book and others in the series offer a fresh and scholarly approach to many of the cutting-edge topics in the field of nutritional science. I am grateful to CRC Press for its support in publishing this series.

Stacey J.Bell, Ph.D.

Series Editor

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