Cancer chemoprevention has received major attention in recent years.41 The focus largely has been on determining the efficacy of well-established chemopreventive agents derived from food or assessing analogs in a variety of experimental models. Yet, there appears to be a critical need to identify new efficacious and nontoxic chemopreventive agents. In this chapter, we have described a bioassay-guided fractionation approach for the discovery of new chemopreventive agents from natural products. Using a rational plant selection process and evaluating plant extracts by mechanism-based bioassays followed by fractionation and structural elucidation, we have identified a variety of new chemopreventive agents from approximately 3000 plants. We also have in place a secondary screening system to select agents that show the greatest promise and are targetorgan specific in their actions. Lastly, a stepwise protocol for advancing newly discovered chemopreventive agents to clinical trials is described. Clearly, this approach offers great hope for the eventual control of cancer in human beings.

Aloe and Your Health

Aloe and Your Health

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