Chlorophyta green algae

Chlorophyta (green algae) are present in lower ratios when compared to the Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta. The pigmentation of these species varies from yellowish green to dark green in color. These species are very closely related to the terrestrial plants, and this algae exhibit few structural and chemical properties which can have an impact in the development of novel antibiotics (Ginsburg et al., 2000; Stegenga et al., 1997). Marine algae are vulnerable to the various types of biological and physiological agents, and in response to these, marine algae produce different types of bioactive secondary metabolites which provide protection from the biological and physical agents (Donia and Hamann, 2003; Haefner, 2003). Few bioactive compounds from the marine algae strongly deter the growth of the surrounding bacteria, and these active compounds have shown their effect on various human pathogens (Vairappan, 2003; Konig et al., 2000).

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