Seaweed contains several vitamins both water soluble such as B and C and lipid soluble such as A and E at varying levels. Brown seaweed, U. pinnatifida, contained 14.5 mg/100 g of vitamin E and that was much higher than the vitamin E content (10 mg/100 g) in peanut (Anonymous, 2004). This high vitamin E content helps to protect PUFA in seaweed and to maintain their nutritional benefits. Red and brown seaweeds are rich in carotenes (provitamin A) and vitamin C, and their amounts may range from 20 to 170 ppm and 500 to 3000 ppm, respectively. They are also considered as good sources of vitamin B12, which is not found in most land plants but present in a few vegetables in considerable amounts (Bender, 1980).

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