Therapeutic Potential Of Marine Algae

Marine algae consist of numerous bioactive substances for known and unknown applications in medical and pharmacological fields. Natural products from marine algae can be used as pharmacological ingredients/materials for bone health or as functional foods for bone-strengthening applications. Marine algae have contributed numerous therapeutic compounds for the treatment of multiple disease categories such as antitumor (Fuller et al., 1994, Guardia et al., 1999), anticancer (Gerwick et al., 1994), antibacterial (Ali et al., 2002, Bennamara et al., 1999, Smyrniotopoulos et al., 2003), anti-inflammatory (Awad, 2000, Wiemer et al., 1991), antiviral (Barbosa et al., 2004, Wang et al., 2007), antimicrobial (Barreto and Meyer, 2006), antimalarial (Lane et al., 2007, Topcu et al., 2003). In contrast, several investigations about compounds derived from marine algae effect on bone health as well as osteoblast differentiation processing were reported. Marine algae are also known as favorite food possessing enormous nutrient values. Thus, investigations to find out the medicinally important substances as drug candidates are very much needed to the development of marine materials from marine algae, which can be proposed for the bone health and/or to treat bone diseases.

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