Life Cycle Of Laminaria Sp

The life cycles of many of the kelps are well characterized and can be controlled by environmental factors, and some have been used for significant molecular analyses (Billot et al., 1998; Crepineau et al., 2000; Yoon et al., 2001). The order Laminariales is characterized by individuals with a heteromorphic alternation of generations, comprising two free-living life phases, a large diploid sporophyte and a microscopic haploid gameto-phyte generation ( Laminaria sp. consists of sori which are regions of epidermis along the length of the blade. The importance of these sori lies in the unilocular sporangia found inside them. These unilocular sporangia are in turn intermingled with sterile paraphyses that are filamentous structures found packed between sporangia or gametangia. In Laminaria sp., the unilocular meiosporangia produce 32 haploid meiospores. These meiospores produce the small filamentous gametophyte generation after settling to the substrate. The male gametophytes produce the motile, biflagellate sperm whereas the female gametophytes transform into elongated oogonia containing eggs. A single egg is released from the oogonium prior to fertilization. After fertilization, the zygote germinates to form a flat proembryo that subsequently differentiates into the mature sporophyte (Fig. 7.2).

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