Conclusions And Further Prospects

The recent scientific investigations have unleashed the prominent role of metalloproteinases in several human-related pathological conditions, and the drawbacks of the currently available synthetic MMPIs encourage the present day researchers to explore natural resources for effective MMPIs. Moreover, the shortcomings of synthetic MMPIs like nonspecific selectivity, improper metabolization, and undesirable side effects also demand the researchers to screen for the MMPIs from natural resources. Until now, many therapeutic compounds have been reported from terrestrial organisms. But, the oceans' flora and fauna are exposed to harsh environment and are equipped with variety biochemical responses to evade potential threats they encounter in marine locales. For performing such unique responses, the marine organisms produce unique biologically active components that are structurally and functionally different from terrestrial organisms. Among these, phlorotannins and fucoidans are specifically found in the marine algae. And the above discussed in vitro, in vivo reports clearly suggest the effectiveness of phlorotannins and fucoidans from brown algae in proper downregulation of MMPs and related pathological effects. Moreover, as brown algae are considered as a dietary supplement, it could be recommended that consumption of these marine brown algae could be helpful in the proper management of imbalanced MMP expressions and thus can be considered as medicinal foods. Further, until now, majority of the phlorotannins and fucoidans reported were from the members of the species Ecklonia and Eisenia. Many more brown algal members have to be screened for novel phlorotannins and polysaccharide derivatives that can be recommended as potential MMPIs.

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