Potential Application of Marine Algae as Antiviral Agents in Medicinal Foods

Se-Kwon Kim>*'t'1 Thanh-Sang Vo,* and Dai-Hung Ngo*

Contents I. Introduction 246

II. Potential Antiherpes Virus Agents from Marine Algae 246

A. Red macroalgae 246

B. Brown macroalgae 248

C. Green macroalgae 250

D. Microalgae 250

III. Conclusion 251 References 252

Abstract Viral diseases, caused by pathogenic virus infections, are still the leading cause of death in humans worldwide. Although many antiviral agents have been developed and are used for treatment of infectious diseases, emergence of drug resistance, side effects, and the necessity for extensive clinical use are the main reasons for failure of antiviral therapy. Therefore, the development of new antiviral agents with diverse kinds of antiviral actions is required. The search for new antiviral agents focuses on not only synthetic compounds but also natural products such as plants, insects, animal organs, and their components. Recently, a great deal of interest has been expressed regarding marine algae as potential antiviral agents. This contribution focuses on antiherpes virus therapeutic agents

* Department of Chemistry, Pukyong National University, Busan, Republic of Korea { Marine Bioprocess Research Center, Pukyong National University, Busan, Republic of Korea 1 Corresponding author: Se-Kwon Kim, E-mail address: [email protected]

derived from marine algae which are considered as novel functional ingredients in antiherpes virus therapy.

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