Usage of mineral supplements in western countries often prevents deficiency of minerals. However, effectiveness of bioavailability of some mineral supplements has been considered as insufficient. Natural sources of many trace elements are seaweed from all algal groups. Seaweed has the enormous ability to absorb minerals from a growth medium which results in high mineral concentrations in seaweed tissues often exceeding their concentration in the seawater, especially iodine and iron occurs in very high levels.

Mineral composition of seaweed is very changeable according to different factors including the environmental conditions and specific behavior of each seaweed genus. The question of minerals availability by humans may also be considered. Among the factors influencing the bioavailability of minerals derived from seaweed matter, belong mainly to the compositions of their cell walls with different polysaccharides that could bind the elements with various powers and prevent their utilization for living processes in the human body.

The aptitude of seaweed to absorb minerals from a growth medium could be utilized to pointed production of seaweed matter enrichment with specific elements and to produce natural mineral nutraceuticals.

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