Colloidal silver suspension for treating skin problems in tropical and decorative fish

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Inventor(s): Underwood, Mark A.; (Young Harris, GA), Underwood, Roy E.; (Young Harris, GA)

Correspondence: Harry I. Leon; 924 Bowen ST., N.W.; Atlanta; GA; 30318; US Patent Application Number: 20030129255 Date filed: January 3, 2003

Abstract: This is a method of treating a wide range of skin lesions in tropical and decorative fish in which the animals to be treated are exposed to dilute suspensions of colloidal silver. During the course of treatment, colloidal silver is added periodically to the aquarium in which the fish lives. so that the water therein has a silver concentration on the order of 1 ppb. A suitable treatment procedure entails adding 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver which contains about 6 ppm of silver to 10 gallons of aquarium water every other day. This treatment has been found effective in healing some fish, ever those with rather large wounds in a matter of days. If a longer treatment period is required, then the colloidal silver addition is continued at the same rate and then 50 percent of the water is changed once a week, until the lesion(s) have healed. It was also found that bacteria and virus skin problems could be prevented by having silver colloidal concentrations of 0.3-0.5 ppb in the aquarium water.

Excerpt(s): The presence of skin lesions in tropical and decorative fish is commonplace. Whether caused by scrapes during handling or a skin disease, these ailments must be treated with great care. Otherwise, because of the extreme sensitivity of these fish, they may suffer a life-threatening upset, possibly as a result of an allergic reaction triggered by exposure to certain chemicals, and succumb. While conceivable treatment scenarios include direct injection as well as the administration of a liquid medicine orally or in powdered form in the fish feed, the easiest method, for a large number of fish, is to add therapeutic substance(s) directly to their aquarium tank water. Tests have shown that skin problems in tropical and decorative fish can be treated successfully by adding a highly dilute suspension of colloidal silver to the aquarium water in which such fish are living. Among the species which have been treated are koi, goldfish and a variety of tropical and marine fish, which collectively exhibited a wide range of skin lesions. These lesions include ulcer diseases and fin and mouth rot all of which are bacteria eating holes in the fish. There is also help given on treatment of skin virus problems such as herpes. In accordance with the present invention, a method of treating skin problems in fish comprises adding a teaspoon (5 ml) of a suspension of colloidal silver in which the concentration of silver ranges between 6 ppm and 12 ppm (parts per million) to 10 gallons of water in an aquarium every other day and then changing 50% of the water once a week, so that the water to which the fish to be treated are exposed has a silver concentration initially in the range of 0.77 ppb to 1.5 ppb (parts per billion). Within a matter of days this treatment has been found effective in healing some fish, even those with rather large wounds. Further, since the effective concentration of silver is so dilute that some nitrifying bacteria can survive this treatment, so some bio-filtration is still possible.

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