The D1 -like receptors show moderate affinities for typical dopamine receptor agonists such as SKF38393, SKF82526, and dihydrexidine. While slight differences in affinities for D1 and D5 receptors are exhibited by these compounds, no single compound can be described as a truly subtype-selective agonist. With respect to D2-like receptors, most typical dopamine agonists exhibit slightly higher affinity for the D3 subtype. However, again no single compound can be viewed as a subtype selective agonist. Thus, in addition to the compounds listed in Table 15.1 such as PD128907 which exhibits the receptor preference D3 > D2 > D4 and PD168077 which exhibits greatest receptor preference for D4 receptors, other D2-like selective agonists of choice include quinpirole and NO437.

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