The GPCR superfamily

1 GPCR superfamily and its structural characterization 3

T. Schoneberg

2 Transcriptional regulation of GPCR expression 28 N. J. Buckley and M. Garriga-Canut

3 Structural mechanics of GPCR activation 43 S. G. F. Rasmussen and U. Gether

4 G protein structure diversity 63 M. K. C. Ho and Y. H. Wong

5 GPCR signalling through enzymatic cascades 87 R. A. J. Challiss and S. R. Nahorski

6 GPCR signalling through ion channels 108

C. Roberson and D. E. Clapham

7 Protein regulators of GPCR function 124

8 Quantitative pharmacology of GPCRs 141 T. Kenakin

9 Bioinformatic mining for GPCRs 158

D. M. Duckworth and D. Michalovich

10 Characterization of orphan GPCRs 176 M. Fidock

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