Peripheral indications

In the periphery, CCK1 receptors have been shown to be involved in several disease states. For instance, it is well established that activation of both MAPKs and JNKs maybe of importance in the early pathogenesis of acute pancreatitis (Dabrowski etal. 1996). Moreover, a case report

RB 101 0 5 0 5 mg/kg i.v. CI-988 0 0 0.1 0.1 |ig/kg i.t. Fig. 14.3 Antinociceptive effects of RB 101 i.v. on the paw pressure-induced vocalization threshold in diabetic rats. * p < 0.01 as compared to control group.

of a woman with gallstones and obesity was ascribed to abnormal processing of transcripts from a normal CCKi receptor gene that resulted in the predominance of mRNA with a 262 bp deletion corresponding to the third exon. Although this mutation could negatively affect expression or coupling to G proteins, neither in vivo nor in vitro data were obtained in support of such inferences (Miller etal. 1995).

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