Measurement Of pCresol Sulfate In Urine And Serum

With the determination that p-cresol sulfate was the dominant component of urinary MBPLM, studies were then undertaken to measure p-cresol sulfate in urine by MRM and to correlate it with the level of MBPLM quantitated in urine by RIA. p-Cresol sulfate and urinary MBPLM values were highly correlated (r = 0.780), and in a small series values for all MS patients, especially those with SP and PP MS, were higher than those for normal controls.42 With the RIA for urinary MBPLM, an assay on serum could not be validated due to the interference by serum proteins. Using MRM, p-cresol sulfate has been detected in serum at a level of about 2-5% that of urine. Serum p-cresol sulfate correlates well (r = 0.822) with urine p-cresol sulfate values, adjusted to reflect renal function and urine dilution, for creatinine content.

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